X Ray Thickness Gauge

X Ray Thickness Gauge

1. introduction

this device is for on the internet thickness detecting of content in chilly processing.

two. associated protection ruls and requirements

two.one protection ruls
the installaion and use need to in accordance with regulation.
operator should wear private dosimeter and has certification.
2.two gauge safety design and style normal:
radioactive basic safety:(GB14052-ninety three)protection level: .
Tests foundation:GB16368-ninety six,GB14052-ninety three,GB11806-89
applicative  testing instrument:FJ347A X,γradiation meterSG-102  X,γmeter
when shutter closed, where 100cm, H<2.5μSv/h500cm, H<0.25μSv/h, no distance limit.
two.three basic safety functions:

perform kind
C rack
resource elements keeping unit fix supply +
handle source transferring +
constrained bundle of rays +
supply protection avoid mechanical harm +
stop physical and chemical hurt
protection to radiation when guage stops working +
when gauge in functioning +
detector parts defense to radiation when gauge in functioning +

remark: indicates has the operate, “” implies will not has the operate.
 3technical specs
3.1 theory
principle: ray strength will Attenuate when it penetrate substance.
practical relation:I=I0e-μmρd   μm-mass absorption coefficient,ρ-substance density
3.2 basic specs
3.two.1  measuring gadget(C rack) 
composed of relocating automobile, C rack, rails, hydraulic hose, drag chain, oil cylinder or driving motor and chain wheel.
simple specs
C rack vacation distance:  600-1400mm(optional)   
air hole:                       300mm
C rack shifting speed:                     fifty~100mm/s
three.two.2  built-in X ray technique
contain, X ray pipe, large force management and controller.
standard specs:

electricity dissipation
fuse dimension
cooling kind
45V DC, ±2%
h2o cooling
pipe votage
electrical current
anode angle
working cycle
X ray pipe filter
X ray bundle angle
.five – one mA
one hundred%
1mm beryllium
controller vitality altering
higher computer interaction
RS-422 or industrial ethernet 
leakage radiation max output energy and close window: .1m away from X ray supply surface ≤ 1µSV/h
gadget sort
working temperature
storage temperature
air humidity
maximum temperature
barometric stress
IP sixty five
thirty~one hundred%

3.2.3 detector program
consist of ionization chamber, high-voltage module and pre-amplifier
fundamental specs:

detector variety
large voltage
energy dissipation
ionization chamber
module kind
higher pc communication RS-422 or industrial ethernet 
unit type
operating temperature
storage temperature
air humidity
greatest temperature
barometric force
IP sixty five
thirty~one hundred%
seven hundred~1060hPa

three.2.four recycle h2o cooling system
X ray source must perform with specified h2o cooling gadget.
basic specs

min flow 6L/min
Temperature regulation assortment ten~35ºC
regulation kind PID
entrance temperature steadiness ±2ºC
force at 6L/min 2bars
max pressure 6bars
alarm bottom line ≤1L/min

three.two.5 2nd time measuring method
composed of regular operation table, industrial personal computer method, perform panel, digital I/O panel, functioning terminal and digital displayer.
  basic specs:

identify product and brand qty
common procedure desk 650×650×1800(mm)      maker 1unit
industrial pc IPC-610  P-        BFGK 1unit
displayer 17″color display PHILLIPS 1unit
multi-way conversation card MOXA  eight-RS422 1piece
electronic input card 9140S(optional)      maker 1piece
digital output card 9150S (optional)             maker 1piece
displayer beside equipment 5″nixie tube    maker 2units

Previously mentioned for double way, reduce half if for one way
3.3 method specs
3.3.1 complex specs

  • material: steel and alloy

measuring range    : ~4.2mm

  • radioactive resource / measuring gear

ray type  : X ray
pipe voltage     : 50-80Kv
pipe current     : .five – one.0  mA
device       : C rack

  • time feature

reaction time:  one~10ms
turnover time from input to automobile management :one~10ms

  • system precision:

measuring precision±0.08%d
thick resolution :.4μ
stability     : eight hours constant drifting≤±0.10%d
repaet precision:≤±0.10%d
3.three.two technologies application 
output to AGC sign(optional):
analog amount, thickness mistake signal,±10V corresponding rating ±100μ
electronic quantity, thickness complete price,24V BCD yards(primarily based on purchaser reuqirement)
electronic quantity, thickness absolute value,RS-485

  • focus on thickness(namde thickness)established:

essential board,(touch screen)
electronic amount,24V BCD yards(based mostly on purchaser reuqirement)
electronic amount,RS232 industrial ethernet

  • method construction(optional):

serial port interaction community,industrial ethernet 

  • alloy content

program enable two ways to make certain measuring presicion when alloy make-up modifications.
to mark individually for various supplies, can shop ten mateiral varieties at max.
adopts alloy Constant compensation, can amend alloy consistent on the web.

  • lessen affect of pollutant to measuring

To use pressed air to blow measuring spot to make it thoroughly clean.
3.four measuring software 

  • functioning system :DOS or Linux
  • utility software program: specialised.


four. CZPT support

4.one CZPT material offered by seller   

no. identify qty delivery time
1 Software Kind for radioactive items two  
in 20 after deal arrives in effect
two certification 1
three guide guide(electronic edition 1 piece) one with shipping of equipment
four set up drawing one in 1 month soon after contract will come in result
5 wire drawing one in 1 thirty day period following contract comes in impact
6 method basic principle diagram 1 with supply of device


5. Factors

1st time elements(C rack)

identify model design qty
C rack Maker HDX-1000 2units
hydrauluc cylinder ZHangCZPTG 1000mm 2units
light rail Maker   2pieces
drag chain ZheJiang   2ieces
pneumatic weak recent electrical box Maker   2units

2nd time parts(intergrated X ray resource and gauge) 

name brand product qty
X ray technique Maker   2sets
detector program Maker   2sets
CZPT Computer sytem HBGK IPC-610 1set
contorl box Maker   1unit
Serial Communication Controller ZheJiang   1unit
analog output contorller Maker   1unit
standard box and contorller Maker   1set
utility application Maker   1set
Lcd PHILIPS seventeen inches 1unit

Assistance parts

identify brand product qty
water cooling unit HangCZPT   1set
2nd time gauge beside equipment Maker   1set
cooling h2o hose and joint      
alarm units     1set

X Ray Thickness Gauge