Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor for Iron Oxide

Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor for Iron Oxide

Tube chain conveyor, also known as drag conveyor, is constant conveying products conveying powder, granular, and other modest lump bulk materials, which can horizontal, inclined and vertical mix supply.

In a sealed pipe, the chain is pushed by a belt of animal content along the pipeline. When the horizontal transportation, the material particles are in the direction of motion of the chain in the direction of the thrust. When the friction material layer is better than the external friction substance and the pipe wall, the materials will go with the chain sheet, forming the balance of substance flow when the vertical transportation, tube content particles by chain upward thrust, since the lower feeding to avert the decrease in the higher component of the substance, ensuing in a transverse lateral drive, so it improves the interior friction of the content, when the friction between the components is higher than the substance and pipe wall friction and substance bodyweight, the content with chain plate conveyor upward, forming steady material flow.

Good Substances:
 pigments, dyes, paints, carbon black, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ceramic powder, GCC, light calcium, bentonite, zeolite, kaolin, silica powder, activated carbon, and many others.
Pesticide Mineral:
 urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, solid pesticides, tungsten powder, pesticide chemicals, copper powder, coal, phosphate rock, alumina powder.
Developing content: cement, clay, sand, quartz sand, clay powder, silica, limestone, dolomite, wooden flour, glass fibers, silica, talc, and so forth.
Food industry: flour, starch, grain, milk, and meals additives.

Dwell Cases>>>

one. The volumetric delivery unit, enabling resources shipping and delivery and metering. Simple to implement centralized manage, increased automation, to meet up with the requirements of the contemporary organization for environmental protection.
2. Compact framework, tiny footprint, it can adjust the transport route of the three-dimensional.
three. The material becoming conveyed between inlet and outlet flange is in the closed state. There is no want to set a dust remover at the outlet. When transporting components can fill gas. Which make certain no dust leak into the environment in the course of transportation.
four. Substance transport easily along the tube, nearly no inside movement, so Considerably less materials hurt, slow corners transport make less material particles created debris.
5. Dependent on the feeding case, the inlet distance can be far more than 10 meters.
6. Sprockets have optimized shoulder, style optimization, the use of hardened chains having minimum put on.
seven. The unique shipping and delivery tray has a very low friction coefficient and secure transmission ability.
8. May discharge at numerous details in the circuit no special airlocks are required.

Types of Tube Chain CZPT>>>

Models CZPT>>>

Specification of Tube chain conveyor technique:

Design conveying capacity(m3/H) Chain Wheel Pace (r/m) Chain plate velocity(m/s) Motor  Power(kw)
GLS80 4 twenty .29 4
GLS100 eight 18 .31 five.5
GLS150 16 fifteen .31 seven.5
GLS200 28 twelve .3 eleven
GLS250 forty eight 10 .three 15
GLS300 sixty eight .28 18.five
GLS400 eighty eight .28 22

Packing and delivery>>>

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Service ahead of promote:
—-Offer relative technical data for help products variety
—-Operating pilot take a look at
—-Offering advice for products variety, materials evaluation
—-Supply stream chart, fundamental drawing
—-Give complex design and style

Services in offer:
—-Supply factory format according to agreement
—-Producing ordered equipment in accordance to the related standard
—- A presentation report of production scenario will be provided every single 15days
—- Monitoring and supervising in total production and transporting time period according to the contract necessity
—- Photo of the wood situation will be presented, wooden case with common shipping and delivery marks.
—- Photo of freight loading will be provided.
—- A report of the detailed shipping record will be offered
—- A file of thorough freight loading record will be presented
—- All of the picket case will be marked serial variety, all of the attachments will be marked serial variety, handy for client’s clearing

Provider soon after sell:
—-Send services engineer for help instruct installation.
—-Send service engineer for managing check at the site and education the operator
—-Aid consumer for upkeep and fix
—-Supply a single year spare element
—-Good quality guarantee for two a long time following offer

Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor for Iron Oxide