Standard Roller Chain with Straight Plate Attachment

Standard Roller Chain with Straight Plate Attachment

CZPT Roller Chain with Particular Plate Attachment

Supply roller chain,conveyor chain,drag chain,stainless chain,leaf chain and weld chain.
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one.Established in 2005.With “CZPTer first,quality first” service concept, we had become one of the main export chain and transmission equipments in China. 
  2.TAI with sophisticated CNC equipment, advanced technology and perfect inspection equipment produce all kinds of chains, sprockets and other transmission equipments which can make the customers’ trust. The company since its establishment has passed CZPT and other certifications. “High quality, high benefit, high standards” to sing more integrated into the world. Adhering to the “good faith service to customers” purposes,  from being in order to after-sales service ,each bit closely link, TAI will provide the most intimate, comprehensive service.
  3.”Meet the customers’ requirement, until customers’ satisfaction” is our goal from start to finish, better innovation and better cooperation can create better TAI to service the world. Let us work together, to create a better future with each other.

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Chain No

P b1 d2 d3 d4 L3 L
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
C2052F2 31.seventy five 9.40 five.08 six.00 7. 20. 39.eight
C2052F14 31.75 nine.forty five.08 six.00 7. 21. forty.four
C2062-D38 38.10 12.fifty seven five.ninety four 5.94 eleven.1 24.two 48.eight
C2062-D39 38.ten twelve.57 five.ninety four 5.ninety four thirteen.three 32.2 56.6
C212AHL-D4 38.ten twelve.57 5.ninety four 5.ninety four eight. twenty five. 53.
C212AHF3 38.ten twelve.57 5.ninety four eight.08 ten. 35. sixty three.
C212AHF7 38.ten 12.fifty seven five.ninety four 5.94 forty one.2 sixty nine.two
C212AHF8 38.ten 12.fifty seven 5.ninety four eight.00 10. 35. 63.
C2060HF9 38.ten 12.57 five.94 seven.ninety five 12.7 forty one.three 69.three
C2060HF10 38.ten twelve.fifty seven five.ninety four 7.70 fourteen.three forty one.three 69.3
C2060H-D23 38.10 twelve.57 five.94 eight.80 41.three 69.3
C2060H-D24 38.10 twelve.fifty seven 5.94 7.ninety five 12.7 forty four.eight 65.6
C2060H-D31 38.ten twelve.fifty seven 5.ninety four seven.ninety five sixteen. 45. 73.
C2062H-D41 38.ten 12.57 five.94 9.53 9.five 22.two fifty.

Standard Roller Chain with Straight Plate Attachment