Light Weight Small Volume Tube Pipe Hole Borer Driller

Light Weight Small Volume Tube Pipe Hole Borer Driller

ISM TSM Pipe Gap Cutter

CZPT pipe gap cutter, made for industrial pipe drilling and uninteresting. Pressure chain locking positioning is adopted to install on the exterior wall of the pipe. Can be operated at any placement and angle. Geared up with high electricity motor, powerful electricity, substantial output torque, meet up with thick wall pipe drilling. Small quantity, light-weight bodyweight, straightforward procedure, the vital creation equipment of CZPT boilers, pharmaceutical machinery, solar electrical power, drinking water supply and drainage, chemical engineering, nuclear electricity and other industries fields, pipe drilling operation in the procedure of transformation.

Cold drilling, don’t change the substance of pipe.
Drilling hole of substantial precision, no burr to facilitate welding.
Hollow drill bits on the market are flexible.
Highest hole depth up to 60 mm, is the most effective resources for heavy obligation pipe drilling.
CZPT and pneumatic drive optional, use far more broadly.
The essential words and phrases of this merchandise: Pipe gap drilling device

Model and Specification

Design Pipe OD
Gap Dimensions
Drilling Depth
CZPT ISM-one hundred seventy ≥Φ140 six-114 5-60 2.0KW
Pneumatic TSM-170 ≥Φ140 six-114 5-sixty 3HP

Diverse drilling device measurement drill various hole, please declare prior to buy.
Above parameters just for reference only, not acceptance conditions.

Electrical power Provides

Handy energy offer
Steady functionality
Popular choice
CZPT requirement: 220-230V 1PH 50/60HZ
Power: 2.0KW
 Explosion evidence
Steady performance
Straightforward to maintenance
Air requirement: 1500-2000L/min @.sixty three-.8Mpa
Energy: 3HP


This equipment is appropriate for most makes of hollow drill.
Make sure you point out the specification and material of gap drilling.

Light Weight Small Volume Tube Pipe Hole Borer Driller