Indoor Residential Villa Disabled Home Elevator

Indoor Residential Villa Disabled Home Elevator

Indoor Household Villa Disabled Residence CZPT


one. Load ability: 250-350kg, lifting pace: 70mm/s
two. Vertical lifting structure
three. CZPT drive, easy and safe lifting
four. Dust cover and minimal noise
five. Max lifting peak is 8000mm

Primary description:

one.vertical lifting structure, hydraulic travel, which can make sleek and secure lifting. introduces blind way stainless surfaces and guardrails, possessing compact and good look, can be installed into the supporting pits of the tools, as the system is flush with the ground, therefore, the neighboring environments shall not be hindered.
4.he equipment is easy to work but uneasily to stand drinking water and rust since of the discharge channels in the pits, it adopts hydraulic run system, and the electric powered control method is put in the reduce chassis of the substantial system, which significantly enhances the protection of the equipment and facilitates its servicing.
5.The equipment can configure security security facilities this kind of as folding shields and safety edges in the meantime, it also possesses positive aspects like straightforward procedure and higher safety.
six.It truly is suited for massive-sized freshly-constructed residential estates and those locations in which there is compact land useful resource and and so on.


Platform  dimension

1430mm(L)*  900mm(W)/customise
Travel  height CZPT
Min  Platform  height 80mm
Entry& exit  method 90° or180°
Speed 70mm/s
Load  capability 300KG
Control  voltage 24V/DC
Power  Output two.2KW
Power  Enter 220V/50HZ/25A  (or  CZPT  for  local  power  supply)
Drive  Method CZPT
Control  Mode Inching  Switch  or  Automatic
Drive  Manage Self-resetting  method
Overload Protection  Over  current  relay
System Non-skid  system
Portray Powder-coated  finish/CZPT  electrostatic  spraying
Operation  Panel Polished  aluminum  Alloy
Working  Condition Both  indoors  and  outdoor
Working  temperature From  -10° ~60° C
Installation Non-pit  set up,   directly  fixed  to  concrete  floor
Control  System Calling  box  (installed  on  the  wall  close by)  up, down  and  quit
Emergency  Cease


The  lifting  and  lowering  process  can  be  stopped  immediately

by  pressing  the  emergency  button.




Safety  gadget

Safety  Interlock Lock  the  platform  when  it  is  out  of  control
Safety  Panel The  operation  must  be  stopped  immediately  the  safety  edge  meets  obstacles  during  operation.
Emergency  lowering The  platform  can  be  lowered  by  opening

hydraulic  valve  manually  or  rolling  screw  rod.

Automobile-flap Turn  up  after  lifting
Limit  switch Upper  final  limit  safety  change



Indoor Residential Villa Disabled Home Elevator