Horizontal Chemical Powder Drag Conveyor with Sew Reducer

Horizontal Chemical Powder Drag Conveyor with Sew Reducer

Horizontal Chemical Powder Drag CZPT with SEW Reducer

Grain scraper chain conveyor is a light variety buried scraper conveyor. It is broadly utilised to convey grain such as soybean, wheat, rice, flour etc. In comparison to the ordinary variety, the casing thickness of QMS variety is smaller sized, therefore lose the complete bodyweight and save funds.

It is widely used to convey grain these kinds of as soybean, wheat, rice, flour etc.

Functioning principle 

When conveying in horizontal path, underneath the constraints of substance excess weight and casing sidewall, producing interior friction between the materials. The material can be conveyed CZPT alongside to the scraper chain, type a steady entire materials stream. When conveying in vertical direction, since of the constraints of material arch camber, bodyweight and casing sidewall, generating inner friction that stop the materials falling down. The content can be conveyed upward alongside to the scraper chain.


one,Grain buried scraper conveyor is fully enclosed for thoroughly clean plant procedure
2.Large capacities for conveying in a compact space
3.Increased conveying speed 
4. Can get to multipoint charging and discharging
5.Assortment of aspect & bottom abrasive resistant steel liners
6.Liner fasteners that are positioned very clear of substance movement.

CZPT Parameters

Model Effective
Functioning Region
Chain Capacity (t/h) Max. Conveying
Length (m)
Pitch Velocity
ρ=.seventy five
QMS20 two hundred X 200 a hundred .20 11.5 17.2 sixty 40
.forty 23 34.five
.80 43.2 sixty four.eight
QMS25 250 X 250 a hundred twenty five .20 sixteen.9 twenty five.three 60 forty
.40 33.7 50.six
.eighty 87.five one zero one.3
QMS32 320 X 320 one hundred sixty .twenty 34.5 fifty one.8 60 fifty
.40 fifty five.three 82.9
.eighty 110.5 165.eight

Choice condition 

    1. Substance need to have to be processed_____?
    2. Feeding dimension____mm, bulk density____t/m3, materials temperature_____degree ?
    3. Processing ability____t/h ?
    four. Conveying duration(distance amongst inlet and outlet)_____m?
    5. Inclination angle of conveyor______diploma?

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Horizontal Chemical Powder Drag Conveyor with Sew Reducer