8W Super Bright Green LED Fishing Light

8W Super Bright Green LED Fishing Light

Leaf Libery new solution&comma LED Underwater fishing light-weight-To entice much more fish 
we have lastly build a full line of fishing entice lights utilised in underwater or above water &interval
now you can have it all&excl
 Our focused R&D crew has just rolled out a new Large POWERED LED&comma over water fishing lights&time period This new line of lights from 8W to 1400W &comma completely waterproof ip68&period Fish Attractant Lights Products from CZPT Fish Attractant Lights Suppliers and Fish Attractant Lights Companies

ItemVoltagePowerLumenBeam AngleIP Ratecable lengthSize&lparmm&rparWeightPacking Dimension&lparcm&rparLife span

ItemVoltagePowerLumenBeam AngleIP Ratecable lengthSize&lparmm&rparWeightPacking Dimensions&lparcm&rparLife span

ItemVoltagePowerLumenBeam AngleIP Ratecable lengthSize&lparmm&rparWeightPacking Size&lparcm&rparLife span

LF-FSL-8WDC12-24V6-8WWhite&colon 800lm
Green&colon 600lm
Blue&colon 160lm360°IP686M30&ast180480g23x12x530000 Hrs

LF-FSL–18WSDC12-24V18WWhite&colon 1800lm
Inexperienced&colon 1440lm360°&plus120°IP686M38&ast50600g15&ast15&ast1130000 Hrs

LF-FSL–30WDC12-24V30WWhite&colon 3300lm
Eco-friendly&colon 2400lm360°&plus120°IP686M38&ast50600g15&ast15&ast1130000 Hrs

LF-FSL–60WDC12-24V60WWhite&colon 5400lm
Inexperienced&colon 5200lm360°&plus120°IP686M80&ast1201500g15&ast15&ast1130000 Hrs

CZPT photo voltaic LED fishing lightsDC12-24V90WWhite&colon 8550lm
Green&colon 8100lm360°&plus120°IP686M80&ast1401900g15&ast15&ast1130000 Hrs
A fishing mild attractor is a fishing aid which uses lights attached to structure over water or suspended underwater to attract both fish and users of their food chain to distinct places in buy to harvest them&interval
 8W Tremendous CZPT Environmentally friendly LED Fishing Light Super CZPT Green LED Fishing Mild
Constructed using solid copper connectors for long life and security – not plated steel like inexpensive imports
&astThree Ultra high-depth PURE inexperienced LED bars – 120 levels aside
&astOperates on twelve VDC &commat two Amps &lparshort mild&rpar and 4 Amps &lparlong mild&rpar
&astIntegral excess weight for entirely-submerged underwater procedure
&astLong energy wire &lpar20 ft – short mild or twenty five ft – long gentle&rpar is made for risk-free underwater use in fresh or salt h2o
&astNO GLASS Elements to crack&comma clear or substitute
&astCZPT-quality&comma fully-submersible design
&astThe BRIGHTEST LED fishing light marketed&excl
&astFREE warranty restore
&astLonger power cords and connector alternatives CZPT on ask for
&astSolid&comma dependable&comma prolonged lasting&comma and Secure
The Fishinglights Firm’s portable&comma entirely-submersible 12-volt DC fishing lights are designed to draw in bait fish&comma which in switch appeal to more substantial fish&period of time The use of green light in our fishing lights emulates the underwater lighting circumstances of early dawn and stimulates feeding&period Green light also travels farther in h2o than other colours&time period By employing an underwater green light&comma you are going to attract fish&comma not bugs&excl 
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8W Super Bright Green LED Fishing Light