15t Scrap Yard Rail Mounted Double Girder Grab Gantry Crane

15t Scrap Yard Rail Mounted Double Girder Grab Gantry Crane

15t Scrap Lawn Rail Mounted CZPT Girder Seize Gantry Crane

The CZPTpean CZPT SEW Distant Control Solitary Beam Mobile Gantry Crane has a steel structure with higher rigidity and balance that makes it possible for the supplies to be handled in a extremely exact way and CZPT shaking in their movement, even at higher dealing with speeds. The CZPTpean CZPT SEW Remote Management Single Beam Mobile Gantry Crane is driven by diesel generator systems or other electricity provide gear, which is an superb solution for medium-sized materials managing.


CZPTpean CZPT SEW Remote Handle Solitary Beam Mobile Gantry Crane is utilized to elevate or manage supplies in a variety of purposes, this kind of as port lawn, outdoor storage and indoor warehouses.

CZPTpean CZPT SEW Distant Management One Beam Cellular Gantry Crane is made based on DIN15018, and welding for DIN18800, the amount upto DIN8563.

CZPTpean CZPT SEW Distant Manage Solitary Beam Cellular Gantry Crane responds completely to the higher stage of good quality need. Its relieve of routine maintenance results in a minimization of downtime, which in turn will increase the overall performance of every RTG unit. It has a extremely specific control with simultaneous motion of the various drives, so it is not necessary to mount a cable pulley crossbar or a lateral displacement system.

Rated load/ton 5  10  16  20  32
Span/m ten-40     
Lifting top/m 30     
Doing work class A3/1bM     
Lifting speed/m/min 8 7 3.5  3.5 3
Trolley operating speed/m/min twenty  20 twenty twenty 20
Crane running pace/m/min  20  20 20 twenty 20
Lifeless excess weight/t ten.five~37.five  16.eight~52 eighteen.9~65   24.five~77  27.5~ninety eight
 Number of wheel   4  4 4  4  4/8
Max. wheel stress/KN  52.5~12.one  95~183  131~242  167~298  238~41.five
Metal monitor suggested  P24  P38  P43  P43 P43

Gantry crane security safety
1. Overload limiter.
two. High high quality, long-term use, affect-resistant polyurethane buffer.
three. Crane journey restrict swap.
four. Reduction of strain protection, stage protection.
5. Unexpected emergency parking system.
six. Elevate the top limiter.

About the merchandise: Please tell the following knowledge so that we can verify your demands faster!

 one. Lifting capability.

  2. Span (track heart to rail center)

  three. Lifting peak (hook center grounding)

  four. No matter whether it requirements to be overhanged (remember to supply the overhang size)

  5. Want rails and cables? (please supply the working size)

 6. Other special needs


15t Scrap Yard Rail Mounted Double Girder Grab Gantry Crane